Let’s Play: 20XX

A few weeks ago I started playing “20XX” and I got to say, wow, just wow. It’s the best fast-paced action 2D platforming game I have played since “Mega Man X.”

And this is an indie title with no major publisher backing it up! So I made a couple of videos out of it and will be posting them for the next couple of… weeks? Whenever I can, I suppose.

“20XX” so far is an amazing game. It still hasn’t reached that “Mega Man X” peak, but it does scratches that itch. Can’t wait to experience the whole finished game whenever they finish it.



Alright! So my initial setup is still a little bleary here. I don’t have a PS4 or an Xbox One. I don’t even have a Nintendo Wii U and I only play with a simple laptop that struggles to run some games, but do I feel discouraged because of that? No hell it won’t!

Game Capture

Alrighty. I somehow managed to get a hold of two capture cards. An Elgato HD and an AverMedia Live Gamer Portable. The former seemed to be giving me a lot of troubles, like losing long minutes of gameplay footage. So I lent it to my GameGulp crew in hopes that it will serve them better than it does with me. So far, the AverMedia LGP is working wonderfully with me, causing little problems and little stutters and little everything that shoves nasty things up my butt.


The laptop I’m using is an Acer Aspire E. It has an AMD Quad-core processor FX7500 with Turbo Core tech up to 3.3GHz. The latter of that sentence I have no freaking idea what it means. This is all backed up with an AMD Radeon R7 M265 with 2GB VRAM. So maybe that’s the reason why I can even get to play a few games here. It has 4GB RAM, which is just decent. And 1TB which gives me all the balls to record RAW videos! Yay!

Headset and Mic

I use a HyperX Cloud II. It’s not bad. It’s very comfy and the metallic finish on the side really does make it look cool. The sound is pretty good, but the mic is pretty average. I’m looking to upgrade soon. Friend keeps telling me a Blue Snowball is the best. I guess for a crowd? Or a Yeti. A Razer Seiren at most, if I ever get the budget.

Video Editor

I use an Adobe Premiere Elements 14. I know it’s the best and my options with it are limited. But it’s the best one I could get that doesn’t charge me monthly or one that doesn’t have a skyrocket cost. I’m a little weary about some of the free stuff online. Don’t know why. I initially tried Blender’s video editing tools, but that was a bitch to fool around with.


So there ya have it. Not exactly the best equipment to have around, especially this time and age where everyone wants to be a YouTube. I don’t even have a facecam. I don’t have lights and my camera is quite dismal and I won’t settle on a poor one just to have one. Someday I guess. I got to make due with what I got.

Welcome to the Frostbyrnwulf blog!

Hello everyone! My name is Jon, or Frostbyrnwulf, on YouTube.

I’m no comedian or much of an entertainer. But I do enjoy making gameplay videos and putting them up in the Internet. It’s a different rush than simply playing videogames alone in the dark.

Do I want to be a big YouTuber someday? I don’t know. It would be an awesome thing should it happen. My ambitions are not that big. I make videos and put them in YouTube for fun. And, it’s been lonely playing videogames. Also, I hope this would kick the balls out of my inferiority complex, which has been humping at my leg for decades. I’m trying to get it off, but I’ll need your help to do that, and somehow someway I’m going to return the favor, pay it forward,  and do whatever good we can do with it.

I just have two major concerns. First, I have a terrible, terrible voice, and I’m trying to fix that along this journey. Second, I can’t voice out my thoughts as clearly, as coherent, as fluid as how I write. It will always come out jarred, the punchline coming out as an awkward croak. It’s also something I’m trying to fix along the way. I figured, if I can do this, I can do anything. Even though literally anyone can make a YouTube channel and post amazing videos! It’s just getting past that stage where the world seems to swallows you into its deep dark abyss.

Anyhow, you can check out my channel here. I’m also involved in another starting YouTube group called GameGulp. There are four of us, though we rarely get together to record.

Anyway, thank you so much in advance, and I hope you’d stick around to see where this is all going.