Welcome to the Frostbyrnwulf blog!

Hello everyone! My name is Jon, or Frostbyrnwulf, on YouTube.

I’m no comedian or much of an entertainer. But I do enjoy making gameplay videos and putting them up in the Internet. It’s a different rush than simply playing videogames alone in the dark.

Do I want to be a big YouTuber someday? I don’t know. It would be an awesome thing should it happen. My ambitions are not that big. I make videos and put them in YouTube for fun. And, it’s been lonely playing videogames. Also, I hope this would kick the balls out of my inferiority complex, which has been humping at my leg for decades. I’m trying to get it off, but I’ll need your help to do that, and somehow someway I’m going to return the favor, pay it forward,  and do whatever good we can do with it.

I just have two major concerns. First, I have a terrible, terrible voice, and I’m trying to fix that along this journey. Second, I can’t voice out my thoughts as clearly, as coherent, as fluid as how I write. It will always come out jarred, the punchline coming out as an awkward croak. It’s also something I’m trying to fix along the way. I figured, if I can do this, I can do anything. Even though literally anyone can make a YouTube channel and post amazing videos! It’s just getting past that stage where the world seems to swallows you into its deep dark abyss.

Anyhow, you can check out my channel here. I’m also involved in another starting YouTube group called GameGulp. There are four of us, though we rarely get together to record.

Anyway, thank you so much in advance, and I hope you’d stick around to see where this is all going.


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